SAS Meeting Minutes for July 11, 2006

SAS Meeting Minutes for July 11, 2006

All Meetings are on 2nd Tuesday of each month. No meeting in August!!!
Next Meeting: September 12th at 7:30 P.M.
Location: 3625 Lawton, Sunset Church building next to gas station

SAS Meeting Notes:

In attendance: Leigh Radtke, Roger Thoms, Steve Dehlinger, Kate Dopheide, Ann Eby, Kelcie Tinker, Susan Grote, David Grote

Kelcie is resigning as secretary when 2 year term is up in January. Need someone to volunteer!!

September meeting agenda: Focus on appearance of our art shows. Come and bring your ideas as to how to improve the overall appearance of the show. Some ideas: no art hanging below the partitions; no overcrowding panels; more attention to the artful display rather than just cramming as much product as you can in the space provided.

October meeting agenda will be to approve show guidelines, for instance no one show break-down their booth before closing time.

July: Discussed and approved:

1. Secretary needs to send reminders to members 2 days prior to meetings to help boost attendance.

2. Committee reports are still due; next due date: July 25th!! E-mail reports to Kelcie and she will compile them.

3. Decided again, there will be no Silent Auction at next HOF show. Possible raffle to help build mailing list.

4. Future HOF show hours will be the same on both Saturday and Sunday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

5. Next year we want to add positions of 1) show coordinator (to have overall oversight to ensure nothing gets overlooked); and 2) an appearance consultant (to ensure that appearance guidelines are known and followed)

6. Many HOF show participants did not attend planning meetings and therefore were not aware of all the procedures and requirements. Next year we want written guidelines that participants must agree to follow; signatures will be required. Not following guidelines will result in not being allowed to participate in future shows. Leigh is to follow-up with Barbara Sebastian on sample contract.

7. Steering Committee meeting ideas will be presented to the general meetings for discussion and approval; will try to develop choices to vote on to make general meetings efficient.

8. Membership: Membership expires each February 1st when annual dues of $35 are paid. If any eligible artist wants to join mid-year, on August 1st, then dues are $25. That gives people two chances to join. New members must live in OR have their studio in the Sunset District.

9. Discussed results of survey from HOF. 16 responses; 13 of those said show was worthwhile. 9 said they would be interested in a show next year. Thank you to those who responded. The results are at the end of the minutes.


We want to have a juried, fine arts show, possibly with a theme. This would be open to SAS members only.

Liegh and Gary have tried to find out if we could get the HOF auditorium for a smaller, fine arts show in the February timeframe. No response yet on availability.

Other options are being explored for a juried show; the person looking into it is noted:

Noe Valley Ministry: Kate Dopheide

Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica: Leigh Radtke

City Arts Co-op Gallery: Leigh Radtke

Bay Model: Kelcie Tinker

Artist-Xchange: Kelcie Tinker

End of minutesÖ


SURVEY RESULTS: HOF 2006 Participant Feedback

1. Was the show worthwhile for you? Please give explanation about why or why not.

a. yes it was worthwhile because i had many great conversations about my work and developed a mailing list. also i really enjoyed meeting other artists from the area cuz i'm new. sales we very light though. but because it was my first show of that type i feel i learned alot and i realize i need to learn how to sell because art doesn't just sell itself!

b. The show was worthwhile to me even though nothing was sold. Getting things finished was fullfilling in itself. Meeting other artists in the city and seeing their work and networking was inspiring. Learning how to prepare for a show was educational. It gets easier (?) each time.

c. Worthwhile? Yes it was worthwhile, I wasn't a great show for me, but enough to try it again. It is a very small show(number of artists) for me, which could be good or bad. I think the publicity, postcards sent, ads, (if any), all contributed to getting people there. I was glad to see we got a few listings in the newspapers.

d. The show was worthwhile for us. We sold 6 originals and were introduced to a lot of new clients!

e. It was worthwhile. I sold a couple of small paintings and handed out a bunch of cards.

f. No. Sold little in spite of a lot of positive feedback.

g. I enjoyed participating in the show. The least satisfactory thing is that I only sold small items, but I don't know what would change that - if it was the particular attendees or the day or whatever.

h. Not particularly -- not only no sales, but no particularly interested or knowledgeable passersby.

i. It was worthwhile for the exposure for my Art.

j. yes keeps my clients interested in what I am doing that is new puts my work out there to create any new interest new potential clients see work

k. Yes, it was worthwhile for me, but not for the sales. I personally feel that if we didn't have this show to plan, the artists group would not have a reason to stay organized, it's sort of a common goal, something we all work on together. That's important to me. Plus we do need to let the public know there is art in the avenues, and this show is our only chance to do that.

l. yes and no. I enjoyed the foot traffic and the other artists, but did not sell enough to come close to breaking even.

m. Well worthwhile! I actually showed a small profit, I got a bunch of new names for my mailing list, and I got a lot of positive feedback on my work (helps my confidence).

n. Yes. I made enough to cover expenses and more. It is fun to see everyone.

o. No, the show was not worthwhile for me this year. I put more work into showing this year than ever and had only a couple of tiny sales. With all those people it was surprising that no one was buying. I'm disappointed. I did enjoy hanging out with the HOF artists, that was the highlight for me. For all the stress and money and time that went into it, it was not worth it.

p. Yes, the show was worthwhile: 1) networking with other artists, sharing creative ideas and resources and receiving inspiration from other artist's works is priceless 2) receiving feedback and comments about my art work from the public and the other artist's is priceless 3) networking with the public is priceless 4) selling art work, well it was GREAT!!!!! Even if I hadn't sold work the first three above made it very worthwhile!!!!!

2. Are you interested in future shows?

a. Yes. i'm sure i could do better concerning sales and the networking, mailing list and discussions are great.

b. I may wait two years before doing it again unless I have a lot more new stuff to show.

c. Yes I am interested in future shows.

d. Yes, we are interested in the future shows!

e. I donít think for now that I want to do another but may change my mind in the future. I have been focusing more on my sculpture than my paintings.

f. No. This has nothing to do with the HoF show. I had decided to use a webpage, and stop with all shows after this coming Open Studios.

g. Possibly.

h. Not particularly. This does not seem to be the right venue for the kind of work I do.

i. I would be interested in next year show

j. yes, interested in future shows

k. I am interesed in future shows, although we have to come up with some better ways to draw in the art buyers.

l. perhaps

m. Definitely. The more the better.

n. Yes.

o. Probably not, especially if nothing is changed from this year. Of course I want to stay a member of SAS though.

p. YES!

3. Any other comments for improvement?

a. lighting is to dark and blue. it makes everything look cold. I did not notice if there was much in the way of electric in the middle but if so maybe would could sting additional lights. it has a big psychological impact on the public. warm light makes people feel welcomed. a card rack on the info table with some of everyones greeting cards and postcards for sale.

b. I appreciate the way everyone works together to get the show off the ground, especially all the working committees.

c. I suggest that we upgrade the look of the show. No old bed sheets for backgrounds. I suggest using fabric that is coordinated with the booth, that looks professional. The show has that hobbyist, "I just paint on Sundays and I don't care if I sell anything" attitude. A few artists had very good displays and obviously are professionals. The pegboard walls are great in that they get put up for us, and work for everyone, but I hate the brown color. I quess you have realized that everytime you move them they get scratched. That is why I paint everytime I set up. Get rid of the noisy and very distracting metal ball machine, or put it outside. It raised the noise level to very annoying levels, I could not hear people talking to me. More color in the room, cover those brown tables.

d. We can compare the show with many others we participate in and as a result we can say: It was much better organized and there was a lot of public! We should think about how to attract interested public, not just joggers from the park. Thank you for the opportunity. We value it a lot!

e. I think you guys run a fantastic show. You are extremely well organized and put on a professional looking show at which you made me feel very welcome. I was on the set up/ breakdown committee and thought you all put things up and took things down really quickly. One criticism, which is only being made because I think it might be helpful, I still believe you all did a great job, is that for those who havenít done the show before, namely me, I did not know what my job should have been during breakdown. I personally would have liked more direction, but even with out the direction the job got done quickly and efficiently. I would like to be invited again if possible. I may not do the show but if I start painting again it would be great. THANKS,

f. Not really. Entertainment was good, the venue is good. Lotsa people looked in. I think sponsors might be better highlighted, but they probably don't care.

g. I wish the breakdown of the show (back at the house) was more organized. Only 4 of us where there for awhile. More showed up later, but it would be better to have a time-plan.

h. Organization is fine, attitude is fine, feeling is fine, but we're not reaching the right audience, and I can't think of anything we haven't tried already.

i. I noticed that on the same weekend we had the show, there was the Union st.Fair and and Accordion festival at pier 39(?).It may be worthwhile to eliminate the competition with our show by moving the date(?)

j. for people that have the nerve to begin taking down their booth and art, before the end of the show sunday, they should banned from the group and all shows. I am mystified by this.

k. We need to get bigger and better sponsorships, more community involvement, a more pizazzy angle. I think we can get bigger and better by drawing in high caliber art, maybe hire a consultant to advise us as to how we can impove the show, draw more attention to ourselves etc.

l. I thought you all did a wonderful job. thanks

m. As a first-timer, I don't feel qualified to criticize.

n. Yes, I think we should charge an entrance fee to begin to build up $ for publicity.

o. This is a tuff one. Maybe a juried exhibition. Something to make it more serious. I know some artists would be excluded, maybe even myself, but it might bring serious art collectors in.

p. This was my third year participating and this felt like the best year in terms of organization and people - I think it's working in terms of getting used to putting on such a great event - the experience of the past is starting to show. Smart move renting the truck for the panels - it all felt very easy and well organized. GREAT JOB to everyone!!!!

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