SAS Meeting Minutes June 13th & June 20th

SAS Meeting Minutes June 13th & June 20th

SAS Meeting Minutes for June 13, 2006
and Steering Committee Meeting June 20, 2006

All Meetings are on 2nd Tuesday of each month.
Next Meeting: July 11th at 7:30 P.M.
Location: 3625 Lawton, Sunset Church building next to gas station

SAS Meeting Notes:

In attendance: Leigh Radtke, Gary Peden, Steve Dehlinger, Kate Dopheide, Ann Eby, Kelcie Tinker, Barbara Sebastian, Marina Vitkovsky, Susan Grote, Voula Sideris

Low attendance means fewer members have input to final decisions.

2006 Hall of Flowers review:

Attention all Committee Chairpersons: We need your written report of what was done, what were the costs, and what needs to be improved so that we can have that information for future improvements. These reports are due by the next general meeting.


Count for the weekend was 2632; Sat. about 1405. Previous years we had around 3000. Gary said that we are insured for up to 3000 people so if we go over, then we have to change the insurance.
· start committees earlier
· each committee may need to submit a budget for what they need so the show expense can be estimated more accurately
· do a survey of participants to see if they broke even and if they will do it again next year
· Anna Conti BLOG thought the whole show should be juried
· Jury process needs to be really clear to those who are accepted, e.g. art vs. craft
· show guidelines and jury parameters very clear; artists need to sign a contract; steering committee to design; Barbara Sebastian says she can get us a sample
· need coordinator so that miscellaneous items don’t fall on someone like Steve
· hours for both days should be the same
· size of the booths must be clear to people because it is a requirement of the Fire Marshall
· attendance not as high as expected

Treasurer Report
· Gary Peden reported HOF 2006 cost $4258 so far; need people to turn in receipts.
· Smaller auditorium costs about $1600; big hall $2948, minimum number for big hall is 35 artists (no funding for advertising)
· Need receipts for Enterprise for High School Students

· Steering Committee to discuss whether we want to have

· protocol – if anybody has a problem with entertainers, then see the Entertainment Chair
· last person of the day needs to clean up 15 minutes before closing
· have entertainment across from raffle table so less disturbance to artists

· 15’ foot truck rented for 3 days over the weekend; pick up Fri morn and drop off Monday morn
· breakdown, need one cart for the tables; dollys are for panels only; Do not throw the panels on the floor; had 7 on breakdown this year…need more people and organization
· need to do an inventory of how many good panels we have, repair what we can and throw out the rest; need more feet. Need meeting where we do an inventory and culling

Information Table
· Do not need a committee

Appearance Committee
· Don’t need if we can’t spend money. Ann Eby thought the appearance of the show looked poor because artists crowded too much work into the booth.
· comments: don’t overcrowd panels; don’t allow artwork to hang below panel (could use cloth) or over the top
· guidelines will be developed

Silent Auction
· Made only $545 for the museum.
· Agreed that auction is not necessary for publicity so we are considering a raffle next year and suggested donation of $1 that will be donated to the museum. Voted no but will postpone official vote.

· Steve will write-up

· Sponsorship fell through the crack; should leave as a separate committee
· Sponsorship committee could try to get a larger companies to sponsor the show
· Publicity in the Chronicle’s 96 Hours said we were offering art “cheap”; the publications changed what the publicity committee submitted

Distribution: chairs not in attendance
· Need to get documentation of what committee did, like where fliers were placed
· Need receipts for Enterprise for High School Students

Steering Committee, Meeting Notes from June 20, 2006

In attendance: Leigh Radtke, Gary Peden, Steve Dehlinger, Kate Dopheide, Ann Eby, Kelcie Tinker

These minutes will be distributed to the Hall of Flowers show participants and posted on the website. After that distribution will go to the SAS membership.

Steering Committee has 7 members, those listed above and Said Nuseibeh, who is on a leave while fulfilling a Fulbright scholarship. Although it was discussed that Leigh might leave the steering committee to be a show coordinator it was decided that she needed to stay even if she takes on that role.

Several items were approved, pending discussion and approval at the general meetings:

1. Membership month is in February of each year. SAS updated their membership policy last year. Artists who want to join must either live in the Sunset or have their studios in the Sunset. Current members from outside the Sunset who keep their membership current may remain (“grandfathered” in) but if they do not renew and do not meet the criteria they cannot rejoin.
2. Show participation: SAS sponsored shows will be open to members first and then open to guest artists. All fees will be determined by a show budget.
3. 2007 shows: SAS is considering another, much smaller group show that focuses solely on fine art, excluding fine crafts, perhaps at a smaller room in the Hall of Flowers and in the February timeframe.
4. Jury selection criteria for shows must be clearer; need lead person to develop.
5. Committee chairs should be selected much earlier and begin planning; Appearance chairperson should be appointed or elected in order to develop better guidelines for booth arrangements.
6. Participating artists need an information sheet with guidelines that must be followed, such as not packing up early, exact booth size (mostly for those with their own booths), and complaint protocol. Artists need to read, understand and follow guidelines or they may not be allowed to participate in future shows. Need to assign lead person on this.

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