Meeting Minutes forTuesday April 11, 2006

Meeting Minutes forTuesday April 11, 2006

Sunset Artists Society meeting Tuesday April 11, 2006

Minutes of last meeting were read and approved with one change, Leigh Radke was present and did give her committee report.


Gary reports that we have 33 booths filled with 35 artists, it would be good to get 6 more artists, if you know anyone please have them submit info and images to the steering committee.

Setup & Breakdown, Leigh Radtke, not in attendance will report via email.
Leigh touched base with Anna so she could put the HOF 2006 dates on her calendar, made initial contact with the setup committee they are to meet at Anna's at 9AM on Friday June 2! Leigh will reserve rental truck.

Site and Signage, chair Steve Dehlinger
Site plan is the same as last year, Steve the floor plan was passed around so that anyone that wasn’t at the last meeting can write their name on the space they’d prefer, spaces subject to change based on what’s best for the overall show.

Steve passed around the “Car Unloading” schedule for folks to sign up for a time slot to park at the doors, unload and then move their cars. Please contact Steve if you were not at the meeting ~ you need to reserve a spot for Unloading.

Steve contacted Ebisu about being the food vendor, no response, Steve will follow up and report at next meeting.

Graphics, chair Steve Dehlinger
Steve shared the rough design for the brochure. Steve has received a number of images for the brochure. We will purchase 7,500 brochures to be mailed and/or distributed. A pdf of the brochure will be available on the SAS website once it’s been sent to the printer so you can have a copy to email to your list if you’d like.

Publicity and Sponsorship, chair Nikki King, not present.
Report given by Kate Dopheide & Susan Grote.
Press release is complete, and we have a great list compiled by Susan to send it and art photos to. We received a few completed artists questionnaires to use with the press release. There’s still time to submit yours (perhaps you’re a good “hook” ) , but speak up soon, deadlines for most publications will be 3 - 4 weeks before HOF. 6 ads for the brochure have been sold at $75 each, one more might be sold. Eileen Goldenberg should be working on selling sponsor table space to the merchants in the inner Sunset area.

Information Table, chair Ann Eby
Ann passed around sign-up sheet for your one hour at the information table.
Duties will include:
· Make eye contact and greet visitors coming in the main entrance.
· Keep a tally so we can estimate attendance. (We have a counter)
· Encourage visitors to sign our mailing list if they are not already on it.
· Offer brochures for SAS or PPAA.
· Accept donations. We have used these to supplement musician tips.
· We will implement the silent auction at the information table

Silent Auction, chair Marilyn Warden, Ann gave report. DeYoung has been informed that they will be the beneficiary of the Silent Auction again this year. Your donation and info should be given to Kelcie and/or Marilyn on Saturday morning at HOF.

Appearance, chair Ellen Hui
Golden Gate Park has plants/ trees available for our use during the show HOWEVER, we have to provide transport to/from the Hall. Please contact Ellen if you have a truck and some time to help shuttle the plants back and forth.

Distribution, co-chairs Ginger Cornell and Pam Heyda
Pam reports the committee will meet once they have the brochures to distribute, they will contact Craig Dawson of the Inner Sunset Merchant Association to make contact with merchants who maybe willing to have the brochures in their windows and available for customers. Also responsible for mailing postcards or brochures and gets them to the post office. WHERE IS THE SAS MAILING LIST ?

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