SAS Meeting Minutes for February 14, 2006

SAS Meeting Minutes for February 14, 2006

Get FORMS, Minutes & Information on web:

All meetings start at 7 pm and are on the 2nd Tuesday of the month

(check website for updates):

· March 14th, Kelcie’s house, 1531 35th Avenue

· April 11th, Steve & Kate’s house, 1942 43rd Avenue

· May 9th, last meeting, to be arranged


General Business: Art Span Open Studios applications are coming out in March. There is an Art Span meeting at the de Young museum on February 24th at 6:00 p.m. More details on SAS website. If you are interested in attending, please call (RSVP mandatory) Sharon at ArtSpan at 415-861-9838 or email

4th Annual Hall of Flowers (HOF) show, June 3rd and 4th 2006

1. MEMBERSHIP AND HOF SHOW: end of February is the deadline for two actions:

a. Sunset Artists Society membership (February is now membership month). Membership is $35 per year, and is open to current members and new members who live or have their art studio in the Sunset District

b. HOF show registration and deposits before an open call to artists. It is no longer required to be a member of SAS to be in the show. Deposit is $60 ($95 when membership dues included). Non-members pay a $30 registration fee, plus $60 deposit = $90

ALL CHECKS SHOULD BE MADE OUT TO GARY PEDEN (he is the Treasurer!). Mail checks and forms to Kelcie Tinker, 1531 35th Avenue, SF 94122 (forms available on the SAS website )

Membership will not be juried; shows will be juried by the Steering Committee. Participants who are new to SAS or the HOF shows must submit photos by mail to Kelcie or .jpg digital files to

Anyone not an SAS member or show participant by February and decides to join in the HOF show will automatically be assigned to the Setup and Breakdown committees or where most needed.

We currently have 30 people signed up for the show and the ideal number of participants would be between 42 and 50. We will probably not have a problem filling the spaces once we advertise for artists to apply. Steve volunteered to put an ad in Craigslist.

April is the deadline for the balance due ($60) for HOF show. Also last chance to drop out and get a refund of your deposit.


Some committee assignments are still be worked out.

Setup & Breakdown, chair Leigh Radtke, not in attendance but sent report: she will rent the truck, contact Anna, and let everyone know then the should be there.

Site and Signage, chair Steve Dehlinger

Site: A detailed floor plan will be designed with artists names in the booth spaces. If anyone has a preference for a particular space, let Steve know as soon as possible. He will try to accommodate requests but there will be no guarantee. The floor plan will be finalized when the show announcements have to be sent to press.

Somewhat related to the Site, Steve said he would contact Ebisu to see if they wanted to have a concession stand like they did last year.

Signage: Sandwich signs will be placed in the vicinity of the show to attract visitors; a banner will be hung on the fence, names of the artists will be placed in each booth

Graphics, chair Steve Dehlinger

A brochure will be designed similar to what was done for 2005 open studio Sunset Artists. A sample of some artists work will be on the cover, similar to the postcard done for last year’s HOF show. The inside of the brochure will have the floor plan, all artist’s names and contact information, and sponsor ads that help reduce SAS expenses.

Participants may submit photos of their work to Steve for consideration by the Graphics committee. Images should be JPEG and 300 dpi or at least 150 dpi. Any questions about image types may be directed to Steve due by mid-March.

Publicity and Sponsorship, chair Nikki King.

These two committees were combined because we saw a relationship.

Publicity creates and sends out press releases, email announcements, etc., explores all other avenues of publicity. Provides Distribution committee with mailing list and list of businesses.

Sponsorship sells advertising and display space to local businesses. Promotional materials for Sponsors will be at the information table area. Works with Graphics committee for display ads in show brochure.

Information Table, chair Ann Eby, not in attendance but sent report: (co-chair Marilyn Warden)

This is not a committee in the usual sense, because every participant or an assistant is urged to serve a one hour shift at the information table. There are signs available stating, "I am at the Information Table" and Marilyn or Ann will be available to spell you if you need to get back to your booth. We hope to have two people at the table at all times.

Duties wlll be:

· Make eye contact and greet visitors coming in the main entrance.

· Keep a tally so we can estimate attendance. (We have a counter)

· Encourage visitors to sign our mailing list if they are not already on it.

· Offer brochures for SAS or PPAA.

· Accept donations. We have used these to supplement musician tips.

· We will implement the silent auction if we decide to have one.

We will pass around sign-up sheets at the April and May meetings.

Entertainment, chair Kelcie Tinker

Similar to last year, high school music groups will be invited to play during the show. If not enough groups can be found to fill the time, then CDs will be played for background music. Tipping of the musicians will be encouraged.

Silent Auction, chair Marilyn Warden, not present at the meeting and volunteered to chair committee at a later time.

Those in attendance agreed that it would be a good idea to donate the proceeds of the auction to the Sunset Recreation center at 28th and Lawton where the SAS held their meetings for a couple of years. A fund already exists for the repair work needed after a fire at the recreation center.

Appearance, chair Ellen Hui volunteered to head committee after the meeting.

This committee is responsible for the overall look of the show. Devise ways to make the show more attractive. Make recommendations to artists, to use tablecloths for example. Fills in any gaps with the appropriate decoration.

Distribution, no chair person yet

Duties: Applies postage and mailing labels to show postcards or brochures and gets them to the post office; distributes postcards or brochures, flyers, etc. throughout the city; finds teenagers to pass out brochures or fliers at 9th and Irving on the days of the show

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